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About us

Luxury Helsinki is an online destination for buying and selling authenticated pre-owned designer bags and accessories.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve curated some of the most sought-after luxury fashion accessories. The Luxury Helsinki headquarters are based in the heart of Helsinki, but we ship worldwide.

We’re committed to providing fellow luxury fashion-overs with a vast selection of pre-loved rare, limited-edition, and vintage luxury accessories from the world’s most coveted designers.

Our showroom is a hub for second-hand designer items. Our renowned team of stylists is continually updating our in-store and online showroom. With new arrivals daily, Luxury Helsinki is your go-to spot for a unique, personalized shopping experience.

Reclaim a forgotten treasure, find that “it” bag you’ve always wanted, refresh your wardrobe, and do your part to foster more sustainable change in the fashion community.

Why waste when you can recycle? At Luxury Helsinki, we’re making luxury fashion more ecological and accessible. We only offer 100% authentic, pre-loved designer accessories at competitive retail prices.

Reduce, reuse & recycle. No more throwing away previously worn designer items. Let someone else enjoy them while you do your part to help the environment.

Whether selling your pre-loved items or purchasing that luxury handbag you’ve had your eye on, Luxury Helsinki, is a safe and secure shopping destination to reclaim a hidden designer gem, or to find a new home for your pre-loved luxury items.


The luxury fashion industry isn’t exactly synonymous with sustainability. We’re committed to change. By extending the lifespan of each item we offer, we’re collectively helping reduce pollution, waste less, and do our small part to minimize our carbon footprint. We help find high-quality, luxury goods new homes, so they don’t end up in a landfill.

 After all, second-hand and vintage are the ‘new’ luxury. We collect, authenticate, and deliver a certificate for each item we sell through Luxury Helsinki. We are dedicated to identifying counterfeits and sustaining our high-quality standards of craftsmanship and care.


We do ship worldwide, but we’d love to see you if you’re in the Helsinki area. Our showroom is in the center of Helsinki. Book an appointment for a personalized shopping experience and explore our latest arrivals. We’re always getting new luxury designer items in stock, so be sure to check back often.

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